Meet Philippa Kennealy

Meet Philippa Kennealy

I am Philippa Kennealy MD MPH CPCC PCC, President of The Entrepreneurial MD and The Physician Executive. 

As a coach with ICF-Certification and a Certified Physician Executive Coach, I work with physician executives and healthcare leaders who are seeking to unleash their potential and help transform the organizations, departments or companies that they lead.

I am a Family Physician who left my own private practice in 1996 to embark on an administrative career as first Medical Director and then Chief Administrative Officer of UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center. Subsequently, I served as Executive VP in two internet start-up companies, before launching my first coaching and speaking business in 2002.

I am passionate about physician professional development that positions them to expand their careers and add enormous value to their healthcare organizations as leaders.

Through one-on-one coaching, I have coached physician and other healthcare C-suite executives (CMO, COO, CNO, CFO, VP levels), Department Chiefs, and Medical Staff presidents to get the results they aspire to as leaders.

I believe fiercely that capable, thoughtful and insightful physician leadership is critical for the future success of our healthcare systems and organizations.

FYI – I frequently post topical articles and stories to my Facebook Page at The Physician Executive. Be sure to share your point of view there, as there’s nothing like a stimulating conversation!

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My Coaching Philosophy

I believe fiercely that capable, thoughtful and insightful physician leadership is critical for the future of our healthcare because well-developed and -trained physician leaders bring an invaluable perspective to the table that is often lacking when non-clinicians are making all the decisions.

The provider-patient relationship is the “cell” unit that makes up the “body” of the healthcare organization and without a deep respect for the sacredness of that “cell”, organizations will fail to move the needle on getting their desired (or mandated) outcomes. Physician and clinical leaders must be able to advocate for the sanctity of that unit while also balancing the business and survival needs of their organizations.

I care passionately about coaching physician executives and senior healthcare leaders like you to transform and grow yourself, and therefore your organization, in ways that adapt best to challenging, uncertain, complex times.

Through coaching, I help healthcare leaders like you connect your intentions to your desired impact, perform with agility, and realize your potential.

As partners working together in the relationship, we create opportunities to learn, stretch emotionally and intellectually, and take courageous action.

As a coach of high performing executives, I go beyond mere problem-solving and developing leadership competencies. I believe in encouraging and fostering deep reflection and transformative personal development with enduring results.

What I Can Say About Myself

My personal style is warm, outgoing, intuitive, supportive, honest and diplomatic.

I receive deep joy from my coaching relationships, many of which last beyond our engagement.

I thrive when I too am learning, having a physician’s fascination with the neuroscience of our behaviors and of emotional intelligence. My own studies in the past few years have focused on:

  • The power of our somatic (body) experience
  • Adult developmental coaching (how we make sense of our worlds and act in accordance with that sense-making AND how we can “grow” these capacities)
  • Conversational Intelligence™
  • Having and maintaining certification as a Leadership Circle Profile™ coach

I bring my physician training, healthcare leadership experience, business insights, coach training and 15+ years of coaching experience to the table. In addition, I offer practices and tools that embrace neuroscience, somatic awareness, emotional intelligence skill-building, Conversational Intelligence™ skill-building, and adult development theory and practice.

Yet, while many of these tools and practices are cool and interesting, they are merely supporting actors. You and your desires and needs serve as our focal point for our work.

On a personal note, I’m the wife of a urologist, and a mom of a still delightful teenager (I’ll come back in a year and edit, if need be!). Although I live in Los Angeles, my accent will likely give me away as having been born and raised in South Africa, and my heart still straddles the two continents of North America and Africa. I indulge my loves of: time with friends, entertaining (very low key!), travel, reading and listening to books, movies and great TV, gardening when it isn’t too hot, moving my body regularly to some form of exercise, making soups and stews in the winter (not a good recipe-follower!), taking and sharing photos, polishing my very rusty French, nature poetry, and great conversation.

As a physician leader, are you ready to: