Physician and senior leaders ask:
"What must I do as a leader to be extraordinarily effective in my role?"

"C-SUITE MASTERY (TM)" is an accelerated leadership development approach. This one-on-one or team-based program helps physician leaders (preferably ALONG WITH their senior healthcare executive colleagues) achieve those gnarly professional and organizational goals faster than the "go it alone and figure it out" approach, while showing a MEASURABLE POSITIVE RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

You will clarify and connect your sense of purpose with practical methods for navigating and succeeding in your leadership role.

These new mindsets and skills allow you to resolve, or even avoid, the difficult challenges that cause frustration, stress, mediocre results, and even burnout.

Dear Physician Leader,

My guess is your life on the job includes challenges such as:

- Herding cats. When lacking direct authority over physicians, you have to rely on informal influence to achieve your organizational objectives is difficult.

- Skills gaps. Your transition from a clinical role may not have offered much leadership training. You may find it challenging to work within AND lead a high-functioning team.

- Nuanced advocacy. Yes, clinical and organizational goals are often at odds.
Short-term, bottom-line thinking doesn’t often align with the messiness of patient care, especially in an unpredictable, highly regulated environment.

It takes a special kind of leadership to grasp the subtlety of advocating reasonably through influence while satisfying business goals.

These challenges create workplace conflict which produces anxiety and stress.

  • As a physician or clinical leader, are your contributions being undervalued, causing you frustration?
  • Is having to hold your colleagues accountable making you uncomfortable?
  • Does the lack of accountability negatively impact productivity, patient satisfaction, and even clinical outcomes?

What if you could exercise your leadership in extraordinary ways that created great satisfaction and more ease?

And what becomes possible when you have a committed, engaged thought partner at your side, helping you excel in one or more of these domains?

By participating in C-Suite Mastery (TM), you can uncover the solutions to challenges like these!

Results the program participants have achieved:

A new CMO learned how to navigate complex hospital situations, which she said was invaluable in developing her voice and credibility as a CMO.

A surgeon-turned-CMO in a nonprofit organization figured out effective ways to lead and develop her team of direct reports, while contributing significant, measurable value to her C-suite team.

A hospital CMO in a large for-profit system won such recognition for the improvement in his leadership skills that he was rapidly promoted to his desired position as regional CMO.


An Extraordinary Executive is a physician executive or senior healthcare leader who is capable of directing, guiding and empowering others to create measurable success within their organizations.

An Extraordinary Executive has the tools to powerfully navigate themselves and those they lead from where they’re at to where they want to go.

An Extraordinary Executive has developed a high-level of mastery in 3 keys areas:

Self-Awareness - an accurate picture of who you are, and how you are best suited to make a measurable impact on your organization in alignment with your own purpose for your life and work.

Self-Confidence - a deep understanding of the true value you bring to your organization and how your combination of skills, experience and insight uniquely prepare you to play an invaluable role in your organization’s success.

Ability to Operationalize - a consistent and reliable method for transforming key insights into real world action within the systems of your organization. This is a two-part process involving the ability to generate insight “on demand” through shifts in perspective and then to transform that creation into practical results.

tmde_image2 (1).jpeg
What then is C-Suite Mastery (TM)?

C-Suite Mastery (TM) is a six-month accelerated growth program in which you, as my client, and I, as your strategic partner, work closely to achieve high impact through:

  • Engaging and mobilizing your physician colleagues, and your employees
  • Communicating clearly, persuasively, and effectively
  • Growing your Influence, and expanding your Powerbase
  • Optimizing your own and your Team’s performance
  • Overcoming overwhelm and fostering productivity
  • Contributing meaningfully to your organization’s strategic and business initiatives

What Makes "C-Suite Mastery (TM)" Unique?

  • The program was created by a former practicing physician-turned-executive, who has walked in your shoes as both a clinician and an executive and knows firsthand the frustrations, challenges AND rewards of impactful healthcare leadership.

  • Rather than being delivered as bookish lectures to the masses, this program engages directly, regularly, and uniquely with YOU as you navigate the thorny (or happy!) situations that confront you or your team. Your work as a leader becomes our “living lab”.

  • Our work is practical – we explore strategy, overcoming overwhelm, setting priorities, growing your powerbase and your influence, holding people accountable, and much more. Stuff you can act on right away to become an Extraordinary Executive.

  • We produce measurable value by calculating a meaningful ROI based on your results - Healthcare organizations must demand that investments in their people produce a positive return on investment (ROI). At the conclusion of our work, your sponsor or organization will receive a summary of your accomplishments including at least one financial goal, that permits a detailed ROI calculation.

  • I will not stop working with you until that ROI is positive.
How does C-Suite Mastery (TM) work, you may be wondering?

90 After a preliminary complimentary conversation in which I gather information about you and your situation and we answer each other’s questions, I submit a Proposal including a Scope of Work. If this meets your or your organization’s needs, we sign an Agreement.

Phase 1 – Data Gathering

We begin with a detailed “H&P” – our initial conversations, as well as the right number of conversations with people you deem the Stakeholders invested in your success.

You complete one or more structured assessments that we agree would be valuable, such as:

  • A 360-degree assessment (The Leadership Circle Profile™ or CheckPoint 360°™)
  • An EQ (Emotional Intelligence) assessment (Emotional Intelligence Appraisal®— Me Edition)
  • A DiSC assessment for leadership style (I use Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®)
  • The Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode (TKI) Instrument to evaluate your conflict-handling behavior

Phase 2 – Your Leadership Development Plan

Once we’ve collated this initial “data”, you and I generate a Plan of Action, including typically:

1. At least one key financial goal over which you have a significant amount of control

2. At least one key behavioral goal which, when addressed successfully, results in a quantum leap in leadership impact

We know from years of research that when you share your goals with a select group of trusted Stakeholders and invite their regular, candid feedback on your progress, you’re more likely to sustain positive change.

So, the next step is for you to invite four to five trusted Stakeholders to provide “pulsed feedback” once a month. I use an automated platform (CoachMetrix) for quick and easy feedback from others.

Phase 3 - Following the Plan

We set up a regular meeting schedule – I recommend setting up a minimum of two meetings a month (depending on what is going on, these can last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes!).

I summarize your key insights and next action steps after each session for you to access via my communication platform. This record keeps both of us accountable.

I use the platform to share the resources we deem desirable.

I encourage you to contact me between scheduled conversations should any situations arise that you want to discuss right away.

I recommend including in our engagement at least one on-site visit, wherever you are, to permit me deeper insight into your unique circumstances.

Phase 4 – Optional Extras

Team development - it may become evident, that in order to make progress, I need to work with you and your team.

Retreat Facilitation - the team development work may be ongoing, or perhaps it merely requires a facilitated half- or full-day retreat.

Director or Manager training - not uncommonly, your direct reports would benefit from a leadership development program which is best delivered to the group as a whole, with a limited number of added one-on-one sessions.

Phase 5 – Summarizing and Reporting Progress

At the conclusion of our engagement, I work with the appropriate people in your organization to analyze and report in detail the direct and indirect costs of our work relative to the assessed financial and operational impact. This way, I calculate and document a Return on Investment (ROI).

For your sponsor and your organization, I produce an Executive Summary based on the agreed-upon scope of work, your accomplishments relative to your goals, the detailed ROI, and any pertinent recommendations.

Depending on your sponsor’s preferences, I provide Progress Reports based on our engagement’s goals and your comfort level.

AT NO TIMES will I breach confidentiality by reporting anything without your consent.

Are there any guarantees?

Since coaching is not “returnable”, I am committed to working with you until we’re both confident we can demonstrate a positive ROI. What I ask of you is your active participation and full engagement to help you achieve your desired impact.

Who am I to offer this program?

Hello, I’m Dr. Philippa Kennealy and since 2003, as a strategic advisor, I’ve been helping physicians and healthcare leaders achieve organizational alignment, improved accountability, clarity and focus regarding their highest-impact initiatives, strong relationships with the right people, and adaptive learning for high performance. Working together, we strive for a more aligned, accountable, productive organization.

Over the years, I’ve worked with Chief Medical Offices, Medical Directors, C-suite Executives (CMO, COO, CFO, CEO) and teams, and Senior Vice Presidents. My clients have been a range of newly emerging leaders all the way up to highly seasoned executives.

Clients come to me because I've been a practicing physician as well as a physician leader/executive and business owner. I have a deep understanding of healthcare and its challenges. I know what it takes to be an Extraordinary Executive.

I was in private group practice in Santa Monica CA as a Family Physician. I became Medical Director and later Chief Administrative Officer at UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center. I hold a designation as an ICF-certified coach (Professional Certified Coach) and have spent 17+ years working with healthcare clients to achieve their professional goals.

I’m passionately engaged in doing this profoundly meaningful, transformative work!

You’re interested, or at least curious, so what can you do next?
You do one of three things:

  1. Reach out to me via my Contact Form. Once I have your email address, I’ll respond with a link to my calendar to schedule a convenient complimentary 30-minute phone conversation for us to explore your situation.
  2. Call my office phone line at 310-476-6116 and leave a message.
    Please note I’m in the Pacific time zone. I usually respond in less than 48 hours.
  3. Bookmark this page and ponder whether to reach out over the next 12 hours or 12 months. I'll be here when your need arises.