My Approach to Our Work

What makes this kind of relationship effective?

How does a physician leadership enhancement program work?

At some point in our introductory conversation, prospective clients ask me how this program would work for them.

Every client has a story. Every client IS a story.

While ours would not be not a highly structured relationship, I first spend time up front AND during our meeting times helping uncover your story — what drives and motivates you, what makes you unique, finding out what you long for.

During this Discovery Phase, my hope is that you are as intrigued to learn as much about yourself as I am.

Where indicated, I use one or more structured assessments, including:

Typically I gather additional feedback data through direct one-on-one interviews with colleagues, employees, and stakeholders that you have invited to participate.

Suitably armed with initial insights, we work together to articulate foundational concepts.

These include your Leadership Vision, Mission and Core Values, that serve as vital decision-making tools. Your future choices and actions are based on what matters most to you. Your Vision, Mission and Core Values represent your deepest motivators, inspiring you move forward with courage, resilience and agility.

We develop a forward-looking action plan (our Leadership Enhancement Plan) to address your specific physician leadership goals, as well as desired changes.

Towards the end of each subsequent meeting, we establish action items for you to experiment with and work on between sessions (your Meeting Action Items), thus fostering ongoing accountability.

When working together, we may find our attention on:
  • Sprout.svg
    Accelerating your Influence and helping you build your Powerbase

  • Communication.svg
    Effective communication, both non-verbal and verbal

  • Guardian.svg
    Engaging and mobilizing physicians and employees to create a high-performing culture

  • Heart Health.svg
    Improving team or organizational culture – “organizational health”

  • Collaboration.svg
    Building trust amongst the members of your team – the team you are on, AND the one(s) you lead
  • account.svg
    Identifying and achieving specific business or organizational goals, and getting results

As we work together, it is inevitable that we uncover obstacles to progress and areas of resistance to change. These serve as invaluable “pause moments”, allowing us to examine different approaches and perspectives, and creating opportunities for reflection, self-evaluation, and experimentation with new strategies.

An Added Bonus

I work with you and/or your organization to establish a Return on the Investment (ROI) made by you and/or your organization in your leadership coaching.

This means I will work to establish a clear connection between our coaching (practical, observable or measurable) and the financial investment made in your coaching, to demonstrate what is ideally a positive ROI by the end of the engagement.

The real benefit of measurement, is that it provides you with the assurance that I am accountable for the work I provide and for the results I help you achieve.

Some of my clients’ organizations and companies include:

  • HCA — Far West Division
  • Southern Hills Hospital, Las Vegas NV
  • Good Samaritan Hosp, San Jose CA
  • Regional Hospital, San Jose CA
  • Riverside Community Hospital, CA
  • Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center, CA
  • St David’s Medical Center, Austin TX
  • St David’s North Austin Medical Center, Austin TX
  • Baystate Medical Center, MA
  • Lone Peak Hospital, UT
  • Mountain View Hospital, UT
  • Ogden Regional Medical Center, UT
  • Lee Memorial Health System, FL
  • McFarland Clinic, IA

  • AHS hospitals in FL and IL
  • Donor Network West (Organ Procurement Organization in CA)
  • UCLA Medical Center, CA
  • Northwestern University, IL
  • University of N. Carolina, NC
  • LA Care, CA
  • Saban Clinic Los Angeles, CA
  • Mission Pathology Santa Barbara, CA
  • Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles, CA
  • Swedish Medical Center, CO
  • Northside Hospital, GA
  • Mission Health, NC
  • Metropolitan Methodist Hospital, San Antonio, TX

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