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A Just-in-Time Service for COVID-19 Leadership
Need speedy, focused help RIGHT NOW?

The clock is ticking for everyone as we navigate these extraordinary, challenging times.

As a healthcare leader with big decisions to make, operations to redesign moment by moment, and patients and staff to protect, your time is one of the most valuable resources to protect.

And yet, it is critically important to lead with FOCUS, INSPIRATION and THE OFFER OF HOPE.

Recognizing that you don't have the luxury of an ongoing coaching relationship at present, I am providing a moment-by-moment strategic advisory service that provides Fast 'n Focused coaching relief in as many or as few short bursts of virtual meeting time you may need.

  • Fast 'n Focused Coaching For Just-in Time Virtual Coaching Meetings

    I offer you affordable individual 45- or 60-minute virtual coaching meetings (using either the telephone or Zoom video calls) to help you achieve:

    1. Quick focus
    2. Clarity
    3. Speedy decision-making
    4. Immediate action steps
    5. Prompt accountability

    I invite you to spend up to 30-minutes on the phone to determine if I can be of real service to you (this is a complimentary conversation).

Would you like to talk?

I would love to be of FAST 'N FOCUSED service to you RIGHT NOW!