What clients have said

What clients have said about The Physician Executive experience

“Philippa was my coach during a time when I was navigating organizational transitions and negotiating a complex and challenging partnership between two organizations. She helped me use my personal leadership strengths to pursue and achieve the best possible outcome.

She has experience as a physician leader in a variety of health care settings. She was able to quickly understand the context of my situation and help me set and accomplish specific professional leadership goals that align with my personal values.”

MD, Chief of Community Medicine

“Taking the time to analyze my leadership interactions with Philippa was invaluable. Her insights into others and exploration of optimal leadership styles were most helpful. As physicians, and especially surgeons, we frequently charge ahead and hope others will catch up. As we all find out, that style does not work in the C-Suite.”

Hannah Grossman
MD, Chief Medical Officer, Los Robles Hospital & Medical Center

"I was fortunate to have Philippa assigned to me as a coach as part of a CMO Onboarding program with our company when I was a fairly new CMO. Our sessions enabled me to personalize and operationalize the learning from the national meetings. She provided insight and guidance to help me navigate complex hospital situations which was invaluable in developing my voice and credibility as a CMO. In our coaching sessions, Philippa was masterful in asking probing questions which helped me to approach a problem in a different way. She used a variety of learning techniques and resources. Physicians new to leadership roles can experience a great deal of anxiety trying to lead their peers and manage organizational demands while growing in their new role. Having a coach such as Philippa, with clinical and administrative experience, provided me a much needed, safe place. Her coaching style was very flexible to my needs at any time, confidential and supportive. I still refer to my notes two years later and approach issues using techniques I learned from her.

I highly recommend Philippa to any physician, whether a seasoned leader or just considering moving into a leadership role.”

Diana Henderson
MD, Chief Medical Officer, Metropolitan Methodist Hospital, San Antonio, TX

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